Embrace the Joy, Forget the Scoop

With Pounce Bot, More Cuddles, More Purr, More Us

Ready to Share Your Love to Friends? 

Scoop No More!


Eradicates the necessity for owners to scoop, thus saving time and minimizing the frustration caused by this disagreeable task. 

Multi-cat friendly

One automatic litter box can comfortably cater to up to four cats. 

Odor Control

Prevent odors by using UV technology clean help reduce odors. The fully enclosed automatic litter box prevents the spread of odors.

App Control

Track litter box usage frequency and get alerts about waste drawer levels.

They Say

What They Say

Sweet Freedom!

I was happy to see that all of our cats started using this litter box right away.
One of my cats is simply mesmerized by it and stares at it like he needs to understand the engineering...lol!
It works well, was easy enough to assemble and has saved us a lot of time scooping litter.
I did a lot of research on the options out there and found this to be a solid choice, given its quality and price.
I'm glad I didn't spend $700 on the litter robot when this does the job for less.

R Slattery - AMAZON CUstomer

I was super skeptical buying this product due to the mixed reviews, however I have to say, I’m very happy with this product. The set up was very quick and easy, my cat took to it immediately, and it does exactly what it’s meant to do. As a single mom with a full time job, cleaning the litter box honestly is just one extra chore, but this litter box makes it a much more efficient 1, 2, 3 job. My cat is also extremely clean and will rebel when her box is dirty so this helps tenfold. PLUS you can use just regular store bought kitty litter. The litter lasts wayyy longer than a traditional litter box, but I think the BEST part is that it literally never smells. The most convenient thing ever. I will never regret the amount I’ve spent on this purchase.

Briana K.

So for the record, I have a little storage room in the house where I kept the original box. Just to make sure my diva cat would actually use the box, I shut the door to that room and put the automatic box in my living room. I am HIGHLY sensitive to smells and odors especially because I live in a small space. When I had my other litter box I could always kind of.. smell that there was a litter box? Even if the box was completely clean and sanitized, and used the febreeze litter.I have ZERO odors with this box unless my cats have just used it or when the waste bin is full after a week of crap, and even then, the scent isn’t as bad as when you have a traditional litter box. When I tell you this is a game changer, this is a game changer for someone who had to clean a litter box multiple times a day to accommodate a diva cat. Now I only have to dump the waste bin about once per week and that’s a huge upgrade!! Not to mention, it looks cool and futuristic and has a UV light to sanitize after it cleans!



Does Pounce Bot X5 Eliminate all odors?

Yes, the Pounce Bot X5 substantially mitigates odors. This is achieved through the swift removal and containment of waste into a base compartment. Odors typically associated with traditional litter boxes are therefore significantly lessened. Further, the Pounce Bot X5 also incorporates the UV technology clean to help reduce odors. The fully enclosed automatic litter box prevents the spread of odors. This efficient odor management is one of the reasons why the Pounce Bot X5 is a fantastic choice, particularly for households with multiple cats.

What is a self-cleaning litter box?

A self-cleaning litter box, such as the Pounce Bot X5, is an automatic litter box that simplifies life for cats and their owners by guaranteeing a clean litter bed for every use. Cats inherently seek clean spaces for their needs, and a soiled litter box can cause them to go elsewhere, or worse, not go at all, inviting various health issues. Our automatic cat litter box, akin to a litter robot, eradicates the necessity for owners to scoop, thus saving time and minimizing the frustration caused by this disagreeable task. Added benefits include effective odor management, ensuring cats' paws stay clean, and decreasing litter wastage. With the Pounce Bot X5, investing in an automatic litter box equates to enriching your lifestyle with your cat!

Will my cat be scared to use the self-cleaning litter box?

The majority of cats adjust quite well to the Litter Robot, an automatic, self-cleaning litter box. To facilitate a smooth transition, it's essential to introduce the Litter Robot gradually to your cat. We suggest positioning the Litter Robot close to their existing litter box, allowing the old one to remain in place for a while. To make the new automatic cat litter box more inviting, take a cup of litter from the old box and mix it with the clean litter in the Litter Robot. This helps create a familiar scent that your cat can recognize. If your furry friend tends to be a bit nervous or unsure, keep the Litter Robot turned off until you're confident they've used it. This strategy ensures a comfortable and stress-free transition to the self-cleaning litter box experience that the Litter Robot offers.

Does Self-Cleaning litter box require special litter?

No! Unlike many other automatic litter boxes out there, the Litter Robot doesn't demand special litter or proprietary consumables. In fact, this self-cleaning litter box works harmoniously with most types of clumping litter. Even litter beads and crystals that are small enough to pass through the screen are compatible with the litter robot. It's important to note, though, that absorbent, non-clumping, loosely clumping, newspaper-based, or wood-based pellets do not work with this automatic litter box, as they can interfere with its efficient sifting process.

Can Kittens use the litter robot?

Yes, but notes that kittens that born within one month or weigh less than 2.3 lbs can safely use our automatic litter box but not in automatic mode. For those kittens who are a little heavier, weighing more that, they can use our self-cleaning litter box in automatic mode. If your kitten doesn't meet this minimum weight, you can operate the litter box in "semi-automatic" mode. For semi-automatic mode, we recommend that you leave Pounce Bot Litter Box powered off or unplugged to save electricity bills. When you see your kitten has used it, wait about 10 minutes for the waste to clump, then power it on. Pounce Bot Litter Box will automatically perform a clean cycle. Afterward, power it off again. Continue this supervised, semi-automatic mode until your kittens have gained sufficient weight to activate the Infrared sensor.

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